Learn How To Become A Joint Venture Partner


A Joint Venture Partner is an Affiliate whose products we recommend to you as an extra Resource to add value to your life, your success, and your dreams. If you would like to become a member of this highly acclaimed group and make a bigger difference to more people and to yourself please contact The ANSWER Team for application. For access to our growing list of special Partners click this link: Joint Venture Partners.


Description: **The Joint Venture Partner status is exclusively for Affiliates with large contact lists who will commit to email our offer to their database list, and who have products and services that we will also promote as their Affiliate in return. Joint Venture partners may provide a downloadable FREE GIFT for us to offer to our new customers, and all our new customers will contact the Joint Venture Partner’s sites to receive the gift. In this way, the Joint Venture partner gets added traffic to their site and can generate a new cadre of positive customers and advocates. A giant win-win for you and for us!


Potential Joint Venture Partners must make a specific request to The ANSWER Team and get pre-approved, endorsed and listed here. But ANYONE who participates in our Affiliate promotions is heartily invited to be considered.Whether you choose to be a Joint Venture Partner or not, you may still participate actively in our Affiliate Program, and automatically receive the 50% commission.**


When you add the commissions you can make as an Affiliate to the accumulation of new generations of customers by being recommended by our Team, your Joint venture status could lead to your biggest paydays yet. All this is in addition to the personal satisfaction of making a difference in so many people's lives!


So what do you need to do to become a Joint Venture partner?


Simply contact The ANSWER Team by email at partners@gettheanswer.org and make sure you understand the distinction of a Joint Venture Partner and the Policies and Terms of the Affiliate Agreement, and you’re on your way. We'll supply you email templates to send to your contacts. You may alter the templates on your own to fit your audience and intentions. And you will receive 50% commission on all sales generated through your affiliate link, and you will supply us with information to promote your products, as well as have your name and products listed here. We want to make this partnership as profitable and personally fulfilling for you as humanly possible. If you would like to become a Joint Venture Partner, click here to send us an email.