Dr. Lori Todd

Dr. Lori Todd is a leading trainer designer, corporate consultant and founder of Legacy Center, Inc., a leadership training and personal effectiveness coaching company.  At Legacy Center, Lori is the senior coach and Leadership trainer. Lori has been coaching and leading transformational workshops since 1996, and leads trainings across the United States and in Mexico.  She has personally trained 10,000 people, coaching them to develop their unique leadership and communication talents.  Lori has worked with Fortune 100 executives, multi-millionaires, best-selling authors, attorneys, and professional athletes.  In her work, Lori challenges people to risk like it is their last day, give like their love is unlimited and grow like they have forever.  She is driven by her vision and is committed to aligning people to take actions aligned with their principles, which brings forth new measures of success.

Lori has devoted her life to teaching, coaching and training with the commitment to make a difference for people and develop leaders in all fields.  Lori has an eclectic background including acting, the arts, and science that have supported her ability to relate to many types of people.  She has lived throughout the United States and has traveled extensively in Asia.  She received a BS from Antioch College, MS from Cornell University and a PhD in Environmental Sciences from University of North Carolina.  In 1990, Lori became an Assistant Professor in Environmental Sciences at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.  In 1994, President Clinton awarded her a Presidential Faculty Fellows award for her teaching and research, one of thirteen scientists in the US.  Lori is also an artist whose sculptures have been exhibited across the US.