Jack Zwissig

is an innovative and effective master facilitator whose professional experience is supported by a Masters Degree in both marketing and management. A dynamic, inspiring and persuasive teacher, Jack is capable of designing and delivering profound training programs to large and small audiences. In addition to 20 years leading more than 50,000 participants in transformational seminars in the United States, Mr. Zwissig has also led workshops in Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and the former Soviet Union.

Experienced in sales, marketing, advertising and consulting, he has worked with such companies as Polaroid, Human Factors, Viacom, ARC International, Group W/Westing-house, Dunlop Slazenger, the University of Santa Clara, Wells Fargo Bank and most recently 20th Century Fox Film and Networks Group. Certified by both Acumen International and Human Synergistics Center for Applied Research, he offers a unique coaching program designed to maximize results with a minimum of time invested. He has been honored as one of the Outstanding Young Men in America in 1980, Los Angeles Mayoral Commendation, Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society and featured in PRAVDA. Most importantly, Jack Zwissig has demonstrated extraordinary commitment to caring about people and making a difference in our world.