Jim Zarvos

is the president and founder of PARADIGM CONSULTING INTERNATIONAL, a consulting firm specializing in leadership development and organizational change. His work has evoked personal and organizational breakthroughs with both established and emerging companies such as JP Morgan Chase & Co, Careerbuilder.com, American Express, Eli Lilly, Southwest Airlines and EPT. Currently, he is involved in consulting and training projects in The Netherlands, Asia and New York and Russia.

Prior to founding PARADIGM CONSULTING INTERNATIONAL in 1993, Jim spent years as a senior executive and trainer for one of the world’s largest firms. For the period of 1981 to 1988, Jim was involved in three successful company turnarounds. Jim is a public speaker and has been a guest lecturer on change management and leadership topics at Columbia University. As a trainer, he leads various workshops in Mastering Success, Leadership, Communication Skills, Paradigm Change, Teamwork, and creating An Unrealized Future.