John Hanley, Ph.D.

is a pioneer in the field of human development training and coaching. His Lifespring, Inc., founded in 1974 is recognized worldwide as one of the most successful, influential, and longest lasting human potential programs ever created. Over the course of twenty-four years, Lifespring established training centers in dozens of cities in North America, Latin America, and Russia. Presently over fifty spin-off organizations worldwide continue to use the curriculum developed by Lifespring under Hanley’s supervision. Estimated alumni number over one million adults.

Soon after earning his Bachelor of Sciences degree in Social Science at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, John turned his career energies to providing the most potent non-traditional educational programs to the general public. Later in his forties, he went on to earn his Doctorate in philosophy from Columbia Pacific University.

Since Lifespring’s closure in 1998, Hanley has served as a sought-after corporate consultant and coach.. Clients include several independent educational organizations as well as Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Prudential Insurance, Joseph Magnin, and Dayton Hudson.